NOTE: This Website Has Not Been Updated Since July 2021! My New Website is Under Development.


My full name is above 👆🏿 but you can call me Simeon.

I am passionate about developing interdisciplinary approaches for using technology (e.g., robotics, computing) for social interactions (e.g., learning, well-being). Over the last decade, I have conducted  research in multiple fields including robotics, strategic foresight, Space, the Maker Movement in Africa, and technology for the arts.

Notably, my work has focused on robot design/hacking for use in fall detection and low-cost stem education; and multidisciplinary applications of technologies such as computer vision to mixed-reality-based learning and storytelling.

I have also worked at all levels of applied research from design through development, testing, implementation, all the way to deployment(small and large-scale) and outreach often following a systems approach.

Some of my projects and activities can be seen on My Portfolio and My CV.

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