AFRON Announces the Ultra Affordable Educational Robot Project Challenge

The African Robotics Network (AFRON), which organised the 2012 10 Dollar Robot Design Challenge ,for its 2013 Design Challenge is asking contestants to select any of the award winning entries from the 2012 Design Challenge, but with special emphasis on LilyBot (the winning entry), and come up with enhancements in the areas of hardware, software and teaching curriculum. There is also a special ‘Community Challenge’ which requires the building of any of the designs working with students and documenting the entire process.

Roboarm was my entry for the 2012 Design Challenge and emerged as the only African Winner, fourth in the Tethered Category. I look forward to people participating in this year’s competition. AFRON is dedicated to the pursuit of robotics on the continent and you can become a member today.

More details of the competition can be found on AFRON’s website.


  1. Do you have any videos of the roboarm?
    I want to see if I can make any suggestions towards enhancements as you mentioned being requested on the AFRON site

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