Literary Publications in Saraba

Saraba Magazine is an online literary magazine that publishes emerging writers from both Africa and the rest of the world.

Two of my non-fiction pieces and a flash fiction piece have been published by Saraba.

Does Nigeria Need Sherwood Forests?  The Justice Issue (Issue 12) (published 2012) considers the ‘case’ for Modern-day Sherwood Forests in Nigeria. The idea behind the piece was to view such networks as a countermeasure in a society rife with corruption.

Love’s Microtales The Sex Issue (Issue 11) (published 2012) is an androgynous flash fiction piece on love and broken promise.

Between Einstein and Me: Thoughts of Music The Music Issue (Issue 10) (published 2011) is a piece considering the interesting space of definition between Art and Science that Music occupies.

Source: Saraba.

All Saraba Issues are found here.

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