Future of Storytelling Summer Institute 2018

In Summer, while interning at the Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance (REMAP) UCLA, I participated in the Future of Storytelling Summer Institute (FSSI) 2018. The institute gathered students of UCLA , REMAP staff and actors for a 3 week exploration of the use of Augmented Reality for Storytelling via Immersive Theater. Participants were from a whole range of disciplines: Designers, Programmers, Directors, Writers, Architects, Sound Engineers, and Lighting Experts.  The institute gave me a chance to learn about the Game Design software Unity, version control using Perforce, and to understand more what goes into working on an interdisciplinary team to answer research questions about the possibilities and limits in using augmented reality as a storytelling medium.

A video overview of the Institute can be seen from REMAP here.

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