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Presenting My Ignite Talk

In October 2019, I joined educators, students, policymakers and professionals from around the world, including twenty-one African countries, for the ScratchAfrica Global Conference. At the conference, I presented  an ignite talk titled “Leveraging Creative Learning for the Emerging African Youth Generation”, hosted an “Introduction to Machine Learning”  workshop for educators and also livetweeted talks and sessions.

The ignite talk I gave can be found here: Leveraging Creative Learning for the Emerging African Youth Generation. The talk included ideas from Jean Piaget, Mitchel Resnick and Kofi Annan.

The Introduction to Machine Learning Workshop I hosted was attended by various educators including some who were encountering Machine Learning for the first time.

Some pictures from the session are shown below:

Some tweets from participants and a video clip are shown below:

My livetweets of talks and sessions are also shown below:

Keynote Livetweet: Mainstreaming STEM in the Classroom

Keynote Livetweet: Mainstreaming STEAM Teaching and Learning in the Curriculum

Session Livetweet: Experience Share by James Aslett from Raspberry Pi Foundation

Session Livetweet: Experience Share by David Campey from Afrolabs SA

Session Livetweet: Panel Discussion Mainstreaming STEM in Africa

Session Livetweet: Ignite Talks

Session Livetweet: Unconference Session

Session Livetweet: Day 3 Collaboration Day

Featured Image, images and video clip used with permission of Africa Creative Coding and Learning Foundation.

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