Strange Loop Conference 2019

In September 2019, I attended the Strange Loop Conference at St. Louis, Missouri as a Project Alloy grant awardee.

While at the conference, I presented a talk that combined a number of my interests: robotics, education, low-cost, and Africa. The talk was titled: “Why Africa should have Locally Sourced Robotics Kits”.

The talk emphasized why given Africa’s coming population boom and the recent signing of the Africa Continental Free Trade Agreement/Area (AFCTA),  a locally sourced robotics kit makes both educational sense and economic sense.

I also discussed African Robotics Network (AFRON)’s efforts with the “10 Dollars Robot Challenge” and the UltraAffordable  Robot Challenge.

The presentation slides  can be found here: Why Africa should have Locally Sourced Robotics Kit

Simeon Adebola, Star Simpson, #pwlconf @starsandrobots @strangeloop_stlTalking with fellow attendees at the Papers We Love Pre-Conference.
Source: Strange Loop

I also livetweeted a number of the talks at Strange Loop including the keynotes and I, in partnership with Sourcegraph, blogged two of the session talks. The blogs and tweets are shown below.

Liveblog 1: How to Fix AI: Solutions to ML Bias (And Why They Don’t Matter)

Liveblog 2: Explainable AI: the apex of human and machine learning

Keynote 1 Livetweet: How to teach programming (and other things)?

Session Livetweet: Uptime 15,364 days – The Computers of Voyager

Keynote 2 Livetweet: ASTRIAGraph: Monitoring Global Traffic in Space!

Keynote 3 Livetweet: How Computers Misunderstand the World

Session Livetweet: Tweet My Wedding Dress

Keynote 4 Livetweet: Closing Keynote by Imogen Heap

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