Vanderbilt University OpenPTrack Installation

This project details my ongoing work setting up and maintaining a research lab that utilizes computer vision in education research in mixed-reality spaces at Vanderbilt University.

Recent Video showing Person Tracking Running in Vanderbilt Lab

Since September 2019, I continue my work on OpenPTrack at Vanderbilt University where I work as a Technical Support Specialist in Professor Noel Enyedy’s Lab . My work focuses on the setting up of a new lab space using OpenPTrack. The lab has 8-10 imagers(Kinects V2 Cameras, Zed Camera and now Kinect Azure Cameras) working together to enable person tracking, pose tracking, object tracking and face recognition.

Professor Noel Enyedy’s lab explores how children learn through play in mixed reality spaces and OpenPTrack provides tracks that are then utilized in simulations.

This is an interesting journey for me because having worked previously on mainly the software part of OpenPTrack, I get to work on its deployment in the field and go through the entire process from parts procurement and assembly to a full-fledged OpenPTrack installation.

I carried out the following:

  1. Sensors/Imagers Setup: Mounting of imagers(Kinect V2) considering overlapping fields of view , access to power etc.
  2. Network: Setting up the Network accessories and configurations (VPN Router, Network Switch, Wi-Fi Access Point, KVM Switch) including ensuring compliance with Vanderbilt University’s network.
  3. Software Implementation and Testing : Installing the latest version of OpenPTrack (v 2.2 ) on the supported OS(Ubuntu 18.04), testing and ensuring every imager works and is communicating adequately with the computers in the server room.
  4. Calibration and Use: Calibration of cameras and interfacing them with the simulation software from Professor Enyedy’s work.
  5. Daily Maintaining and Running of Lab Space: This includes when tests and experiments are to be run in the lab.
  6. Training YOLO in OpenPtrack to Detect and Track Our custom objects: In Summer 2020, I trained the object detection/tracking portion of our OpenPtrack installation to detect custom objects that we would use in the lab space.
  7. Mobile Setup: I recently also worked on a mobile miniaturized version of the lab that could be deployed on-site in schools. Currently set up in the lab and consisting of 3 imagers(Zed Cameras), the mobile set up will be used for field testing and deployments.

Some of the early views of the lab space and the server room can be seen from the images and the tweet (from a student in our lab) below. A video showing an early run of OpenPtrack can also be seen below.

In Progress View of Computer Server Room, Sony Building, Vanderbilt University

A lab meeting in the early days of the lab.

Early Video showing OpenPTrack Running in Vanderbilt Lab

Some more recent videos showing pose tracking, object tracking and custom object detection are below.

Recent Video showing Pose/Skeletal Running in Vanderbilt Lab

Recent Video showing Object Tracking Running in Vanderbilt Lab
Recent Video showing Custom Object Tracking Running in Vanderbilt Lab

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